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Thor Helical 316 Stainless Steel Bar Overview

Thor helical bars are precision engineered reinforcing steels used for retrofit bed joint reinforcement to upgrade the tensile and flexural capacity of a masonry wall. The bars have deep and continuous helical troughs that ensure bonding characteristics with proprietary mortars are superior to those of any alternative brick reinforcement bar.

The twisted bars are manufactured from round stainless steel wire, which is passed through a series of profiled rolls to progressively alter its shape in cross-section. The cold rolled shaped wire is then forced through a twisting die to deliver a patented precision engineered helical reinforcement bar with unique torsional elastic yield characteristics and a tensile strength that is around double that of standard stainless steel.

Why do these shaped and twisted helical bars offer superior reinforcement to earlier versions of helibar?

  •  Upgraded by the inventor and designer of the earlier Helifix helibar product
  • Raw material is selected from a single grade of stainless steel within the 316 category for consistent inlet
  • Re-designed cross sectional shape for improved strength and to alleviate inter-annealing processes
  • Die operated twisting technique for unequalled consistency of pitch angle and tensile strength

Thor Helical bars provide a quick, easy and cost-effective means of adding or restoring strength to existing buildings.

A series of structural repair details demonstrate the ease and versatility of installing these UK designed and manufactured brick reinforcement products and are available here:


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Brick & Mortar Western Australia | Thor Helical Remedial Solutions

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