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ThorHelical Stainless Steel Crack Stitching Kit

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Thorhelical Grout Plus Thor Crack Stitch Wire SS316 6.00mm x 1000mm.

Helical crack stitching rods are available in 1 and 6 metre lengths. The crack stitching ties are grouted into existing masonry to repair cracks in walls and to increase their flexural strength.

Thor Helical Grout is a thixotropic, shrink compensated cement-based grout with polymer additives. The grout sets in and around the troughs of the helix and rapidly develops compressive strength to restrict axial deflection of the rod under load conditions. Thor helical grout is a shrink compensated, two-part, thixotropic cementitious
grout, suitable for injection with a hand applicator, for use with Thor Remedial Reinforcement and Thor Remedial Wall Ties. Supplied in a sealed tamperproof mixing bucket, the components are mixed on-site with a drill powered mixing paddle, to a smooth creamy consistency. Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, (under arrangement), the high strength bonding agent is an integral proprietary component in the Thor Remedial Masonry Reinforcement System.

The combination of Thor Helical reinforcement wire with the Thor Helical Grout provides a stabilization system sympathetic to active structures such as masonry. The micro-cracking properties of the Thor Helical grout allows a degree of flexibility compensating for natural expansion and contraction. Higher strength grouts and polyester/epoxy adhesives may restrict natural masonry movement and induce further cracking within adjacent areas. The fully cured polymer-modified mortar has enhanced tensile strength, flexural strength, water resistance, and chemical resistance. Additionally the polymer in the mortar helps restrain micro-crack propagation, which improves the overall toughness of the mortar.

Brick & Mortar Western Australia | Thor Helical Remedial Solutions

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