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Svenic Pointing & Grout Gun

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Specialist tool for applying pointing mortars and


Developed for re-pointing brick and masonry joints,

the pointing and grouting gun is now supplied with a

second nozzle for filling fine joints and tile-grouting.

The Pointing and Grouting Gun is designed for

effortless dispensing with a powerful, 12:1 trigger

mechanism and ergonomically contoured hand grips.

Also, a robust steel and aluminum construction with

case hardened drive components provide strength and


Pointing and Grouting Gun

Easy to Use: Simply fill the jointing material into the

open end of the barrel and then dispense it through the nozzle.

High Quality Joints: Injecting the grout deep into the joint provides a superior finish with

reduced possibility of voids.

Pointing and Grouting Gun Greater Efficiency: Applying the grout where you want it

results in less mess, less waste and much shorter cleaning times.

Note: Mortars containing "sharp sand" or coarse aggregates will not flow under

pressure. Use only free-flowing or specialty mortars that contain high grade, "soft" sand.

  • Barrels made from plastic for inexpensive replacement.
  • Choice of taper fit nozzles - black for pointing and other wide joints; grey for tile grouting and narrow joints.
  • Rubber plunger sandwiched between steel washes is adjustable for optimum fit in barrel.
  • High thrust trigger mechanism with contoured hand grips provide easier dispensing and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Patented Wear Compensating Device eliminates free-play in trigger for 100% working action throughout the life of the gun.
  • Plunger rod and other drive components are case hardened for long life.
  • Projection welded steel frame, finished in tough epoxy paint finish for high strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
Brick & Mortar Western Australia | Thor Helical Remedial Solutions

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