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Arch Lintel and Thorhelical Repairs

Brick and Mortar Restoration completed a job this week in North Perth which we replaced some Lintels and installed Thorhelical.

Brickwork around windows, doors and openings should be supported by arch bars and lintels. Over time these supports need to be replaced due deterioration and rust.

It is important to repair arch bars and lintels early to protect your property against further damage to the surrounding area. The first time that you will become aware of a problem is when you notice a crack in your brickwork... starting from the top corners of your window or opening. Once a lintel has started to rust it is almost impossible to treat the steal whilst it is in the wall. The only way to deal with the problem of rusted lintels is replacement.

If left unattended arch bar damage may result in structural cracks and instability including water penetration.

Brick and Mortar Restoration recommend replacing the arch bars and lintels with hot-dipped galvanized or a Duplex epoxy coating.

Brick & Mortar Western Australia | Thor Helical Remedial Solutions

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