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Mosman Park Crack Repairs


Cracks in your brickwork are caused by incorrectly laid foundations that are susceptible to ground movement. Ground movement is caused by things such as moisture, drought, or tree roots but well laid foundations should not be affected by these things.

Around Perth, more modern buildings commonly have cracks or damage resulting from badly placed vertical breaks in the brickwork (control joints). Repairing these joints can become a costly exercise if not done with proper masonry repair, as the cracking will reappear and affect even     more of the brickwork if not properly repaired and reinforced.

Brick and Mortar Restoration repaired the cracks easily and confidently using the Thorhelical Repair Solution.

Our Customer is very happy with our service and has sent through below,

''Hey there Tammy;

My wife said your team who did the job were really organized and neat. They have done a great job repairing our wall. Really happy with the job. Thanks again''

PM Mosman Park

Brick & Mortar Western Australia | Thor Helical Remedial Solutions

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